• About Us

    As a member of the project team, our objective would be the successful and timely opening of your project, within budget, and with complete fulfillment of your design concept.

    We would like to show you, step by step, how our company can serve you...either furnishing your new development or refurbishing and existing property.

  • Computer Assisted Budgeting

    We will formalize and track all aspects of your budget for the interior furnishing of the project. Meticulous attention to the budgeting up-front will prevent costly omissions from appearing later in the project.

    Our computerized control and operating systems, combined with years of purchasing experience, allow for the orderly review of hundreds of line items and thousands of individual products.

  • Ensuring Results

    Merchandising Associates is dedicated to the service of expediting, consistent follow-up, and informational reporting that keeps everyone up to date on delivery status.

    Merchandising Associates ensures successful, on time and cost-efficient installations. Our goals are achieved as a result of good planning, complete understanding of the design concept, timely delivery of products, and a well informed installation team.

  • Project Coordination

    To eliminate scheduling problems and ensure smooth work flow, Merchandising Associates will work closely will all members of your project team.

    Good communication and project coordination eliminate duplications and omissions and create good project strategies that result in cost savings.

  • Specialized Vendors

    Merchandising Associates, Inc. has developed over the years a database of unique sources for specialized products and services who can respond to your project needs.

    These independent companies and consultants will give you direction and a place to start. We can assist you in both selecting and negotiating with these companies.


Welcome to the home of Merchandising Associates Inc.

We are one of the top furniture, fixtures, and equipment suppliers to the hospitality industry.

At a Glance

  • Merchandising Associates has the expertise, the experience and the tools to successfully furnish and install your project.

  • Let us put our experience and specialized vendors to work for you in securing the most favorable prices and terms, thus ensuring the best return on your investment.


Our Company's Services

  • Computer Assisted Budgeting
  • Project Coordination  - Plugging the Gaps
  • Budget Control - Developing Cost Alternatives
  • Reducing your Purchasing Burden
  • Monitoring Delivery - Avoiding Costly Delays
  • Installation Supervising - Ensuring Results
  • Money Management - Systems Control
  • Locating Specialized Vendors - Where Can I find it?